VirtualBox 5.0.16 发布下载,开源虚拟机

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今天,Oracle 公司宣布发布 VirtualBox 5.0.16 ,主要进行了性能提升和bug修复。

VirtualBox 5.0.16 发布下载,开源虚拟机


  • VMM: fixed a problem which could lead to a wrong guest behavior on AMD CPUs (tickets #14831 and #15186)
  • GUI: don't try to synchronize the HID LEDs if the VM window is not active or if it's minimized (Windows / Mac OS X hosts only; bug #14302)
  • GUI: prevent a crash during startup under rare conditions
  • GUI: sub-menu option to disable the guest-OS type overlay in the application dock icon on Mac OS X
  • GUI: position off-screen windows to be fully visible again on relaunch
  • GUI: hide the VT-x/AMD-V checkbox if raw-mode is not supported (usually Mac OS X hosts; bug #15178)
  • PC speaker passthrough: new experimental feature, available on Linux host only
  • Audio: several fixes for Mac OS X hosts + guests
  • Audio: properly handle default audio device changes (Windows hosts)
  • USB: serveral fixes for the xHCI controller (e.g. for webcam passthrough)
  • BIOS: fixed int15/AH=83/AL=00 function (4.2.0 regression)
  • iPXE: enable the HTTP download protocol on non-Linux hosts (bug #13628)
  • Shared folders: fixed a failure to load the saved state under certain circumstances (bug #6314)
  • Guest Control: added support for (cached) Active Directory authentication in case the domain controller is not reachable (anymore)
  • Serial ports: raised the number of serial ports per VM from 2 to 4 (bug #9109)
  • Serial ports: fix for the TCP/IP backend (Windows hosts only; bug #15188)
  • SDK: make the Python webservice API binding work again (5.0 regression)
  • Seamless mode: fixed a crash under certain circumstances (bug #15106)
  • Linux hosts: fixed the /sbin/rcvboxdrv script as well as the missing shebang in two scripts (bugs #15055 and #15057)
  • Linux hosts: properly uninstall Python files installed by the .run installer
  • Windows hosts: hardening fix required for recent Windows insider builds (bug #14052)
  • Windows hosts: fixed Python installation path (bug #13131)
  • Windows hosts: support MTU larger than 2 KB with bridged networking (bug #15140)
  • Windows hosts / guests: properly sign binaries using a sha-256 certificate (bug #15054)
  • Windows Additions: fixed guest property enumeration of logged-in users
  • Windows Additions: fixed sporadical failure of the graphics driver in Windows 10 guests (bug #14409)
  • Windows Additions: under rare circumstances no mouse movement events were delivered to the guest


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