Deis 0.9.0 发布,开源 PaaS 系统


Deis 0.9.0 发布了,Deis 是一个开源的 PaaS 系统,简化和 LXC 容器和 Chef 节点的发布和伸缩。可用于托管应用、数据库、中间件和其他服务。Deis 利用 Chef、Docker 和 Heroku Buildpacks 来提供的私有 PaaS 是非常轻量级和灵活的。


New Features

  • Improved dockerfile and procfile workflow See for more details

  • Heroku compatibility is much improved, with CLI additions and better buildpack support

  • Proxy builder and controller All Deis' components and hosted apps are now fronted by one or more routers

  • nse deis-(component) lets you enter a running container on a CoreOS machine for debugging

  • Use rsync by default NFS in Vagrant was problematic for many users, so we now default to vagrant rsync

  • git push deis mybranch Deis allows pushing to branches other than master

  • deis domains allows creating and binding custom domains to Deis apps

  • user registration toggle A Deis cluster can now disallow new users from registering by changing an etcd key

  • gzip configuration settings for routers can now be customized with etcd

  • message of the day now greets users with a colorful Deis banner when logging in to a cluster machine

  • bare metal docs for provisioning Deis and CoreOS on your own hardware were added to the contrib folder

  • integration tests We've begun beefing up our test infrastructure at to improve software quality and speed development

Under the Hood

  • Updated to current alpha CoreOS, 324.2.0

  • Updated to Docker 0.11.1

  • Updated to fleet 0.3.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed some Makefile targets that assumed a vagrant environment

  • Always docker pull by specific tag to save bandwidth

  • Repond with 204, not 404, when deis logs has nothing to show

  • Close DB connections in threaded Django test execution

  • Destroy app containers when destroying their cluster

  • Announcers detect first exposed port instead of hardcoding to 5000

  • Use btrfs filesystem inside builder

  • deis CLI returns non-zero on all errors

  • name containers by app and remove naming uniqueness constraint

  • set etcd keys safely in /bin/boot

  • many updates to deis/example-* apps

  • warn properly if FLEETCTL_TUNNEL is unset

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