Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.0 发布

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Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.0.0 发布,Oak 是一个可伸缩、高性能分层次的内容资源库。这是 Jackrabbit 的子项目之一。


使用 Apache Jackrabbit 实现 WebDAV 客户端 http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-09/90576.htm

JackRabbit基础入门 http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-09/90575.htm

Apache Jackrabbit入门 http://www.linuxidc.com/Linux/2013-09/90575.htm


Changes in Oak 1.0.0


  [OAK-14]   Identify and document changes in behaviour wrt. Jackrabbit 2
  [OAK-364]  Runtime performance metrics
  [OAK-925]  Query: Lucene index loads all path in memory
  [OAK-1463] memory cache for RDB persistence
  [OAK-1667] Encode Blob length as part of blobId in DataStoreBlobStore
  [OAK-1687] Disable automatically cancel long running queries
  [OAK-1711] Provide tools to manage externally synced users
  [OAK-1722] Use a shared IndexSearcher for performing Lucene queries
  [OAK-1726] Improve support for local caching in DataStoreBlobStore
  [OAK-1730] Possible NPE in OrderedContentMirrorStoreStrategy
  [OAK-1737] Add Lucene Codec for disabling field compression
  [OAK-1738] Provide experimental config flag to enable/disable storing ...
  [OAK-1740] Add a custom Lucene field visitor for the path
  [OAK-1741] Ensure that package export version are proper for 1.0 release
  [OAK-1748] Use Jackrabbit 2.8
  [OAK-1756] Remove export package directive from oak-solr-*
  [OAK-1758] Increased debug logging in SegmentMK
  [OAK-1762] TarMK: Fall back to normal IO when mmap fails
  [OAK-1772] Expose an extension point to move in memory state in ...
  [OAK-1773] Optimize upgrade to DocumentNodeStore
  [OAK-1780] Faster TarMK cleanup
  [OAK-1728] Backport Solr indexer empty property query expansion ...
  [OAK-1797] Missing documentation around Ordered Index
  [OAK-1798] Simplify pluggability of custom principal providers
  [OAK-1802] increase verbosity on migration progress

Bug fixes

  [OAK-1076] XPath failures for typed properties
  [OAK-1679] LdapLoginTestBase#testConcurrentLoginSameGroup fails if ...
  [OAK-1684] Non-blocking reindexing doesn't save the initial checkpoint
  [OAK-1689] XPath and union queries with "or" can return the same node ...
  [OAK-1692] Document split may drop revisions
  [OAK-1696] Repository  fails to restart on Windows
  [OAK-1701] Backport OAK-1673 fix to SolrQueryIndex to 1.0 branch
  [OAK-1719] Missing commit hooks in upgrade
  [OAK-1720] PermissionValidator may throw AccessDenied if testing for ...
  [OAK-1729] DocumentNodeStore revision GC removes intermediate docs
  [OAK-1731] Repository upgrade does not copy default values of property ...
  [OAK-1732] Cluster node lease not renewed in time
  [OAK-1734] UserInitializer#initialize runs a query without any indexes
  [OAK-1739] Incorrect handling of multivalued comparisons in queries
  [OAK-1742] DocumentNodeStore on MongoDB returns incorrect diff for merge ...
  [OAK-1749] AsyncIndexUpdate may resurrect nodes
  [OAK-1751] DocumentNodeStore may detect conflict too late
  [OAK-1753] Calling initializer after InitialContent.initialize() on a ...
  [OAK-1755] Search fails if the property to be searched on is of ...
  [OAK-1757] Oak eats too many CPU cycles when idle
  [OAK-1760] RepositoryUpgrade leads to one large commit with ...
  [OAK-1761] DocumentNodeStore does not make use of References while ...
  [OAK-1765] An admin user should be able to unlock any node
  [OAK-1770] Document split suppressed with steady load on many cluster nodes
  [OAK-1774] Full text query expansion should escape fields
  [OAK-1776] Ordered index returns the wrong nodes when ordering by ...
  [OAK-1779] Stale cache after MongoMK GC
  [OAK-1781] Too many branch commits on document node store
  [OAK-1783] Ignore rep:excerpt property to support core query engine ...
  [OAK-1784] Async index update persists conflict markers
  [OAK-1787] RepositoryException thrown instead of InvalidItemStateException
  [OAK-1789] Upgraded version history has UUIDs as jcr:frozenUuid of ...
  [OAK-1793] MongoMK GC removes documents with data still in use
  [OAK-1795] RepositoryUpgrade fails for very long path with DocumentNodeStore
  [OAK-1801] Versionable path of version histories not set during migration


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