Apache Lucene 4.8.0 发布

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Apache Lucene 4.8.0 发布,此版本包括了许多 bug 修复和系统优化改进,现已提供下载。

Lucene 4.8.0 值得注意的改进如下:

* Apache Lucene now requires Java 7 or greater (recommended is
  Oracle Java 7 or OpenJDK 7, minimum update 55; earlier versions
  have known JVM bugs affecting Lucene).

* Apache Lucene is fully compatible with Java 8.

* All index files now store end-to-end checksums, which are
  now validated during merging and reading. This ensures that
  corruptions caused by any bit-flipping hardware problems or bugs
  in the JVM can be detected earlier.  For full detection be sure
  to enable all checksums during merging (it's disabled by default).

* Lucene has a new Rescorer/QueryRescorer API to perform second-pass
  rescoring or reranking of search results using more expensive scoring
  functions after first-pass hit collection.

* AnalyzingInfixSuggester now supports near-real-time autosuggest.

* Simplified impact-sorted postings (using SortingMergePolicy and
  EarlyTerminatingCollector) to use Lucene's Sort class
  to express the sort order.

* Bulk scoring and normal iterator-based scoring were separated,
  so some queries can do bulk scoring more effectively.

* Switched to MurmurHash3 to hash terms during indexing.

* IndexWriter now supports updating of binary doc value fields.

* HunspellStemFilter now uses 10 to 100x less RAM. It also loads
  all known OpenOffice dictionaries without error.

* Lucene now also fsyncs the directory metadata on commits, if the
  operating system and file system allow it (Linux, MacOSX are
  known to work).

* Lucene now uses Java 7 file system functions under the hood,
  so index files can be deleted on Windows, even when readers are
  still open.

* A serious bug in NativeFSLockFactory was fixed, which could
  allow multiple IndexWriters to acquire the same lock.  The
  lock file is no longer deleted from the index directory
  even when the lock is not held.

* Various bugfixes and optimizations since the 4.7.2 release.

更多内容请看 CHANGES.txt 。

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Lucene 的下载地址:请点这里


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