Apache Camel 2.11.4 发布


Camel 社区发布了新的补丁版本 camel-2.11.4,2月16日发布了 2.12.3 版本。此版本更新内容如下:


  • [CAMEL-6922] - XmlConverter cannot convert from ElementNSImpl to Document

  • [CAMEL-6988] - 2.12.1 caches groovy call - resulting with previous caller state

  • [CAMEL-7049] - Cannot set JMSReplyTo with a topic destination when sending a message to a queue

  • [CAMEL-7069] - Sending an empty soap body message to a generic provider camel-cxf consumer results in NPE

  • [CAMEL-7112] - A single call of consumerTemplate.receiveBody consumes more than one messages from a SEDA queue

  • [CAMEL-7120] - NullPointerException on BindyFixedLengthFactory.unbind()

  • [CAMEL-7123] - Enable Xml Transformer security processing feature by default

  • [CAMEL-7125] - tokenizeXml fails when attributes have a / in them

  • [CAMEL-7129] - Remove the CamelXsltResourceUri header from xslt component

  • [CAMEL-7130] - Set XsltBuilder allowStax attribute to be true by default

  • [CAMEL-7139] - Problem with MvelExpression class visibility between camel bundles

  • [CAMEL-7142] - CsvDataFormat unmarshal overwrites delimiter in static CSVStrategy strategies

  • [CAMEL-7143] - camel-groovy - Evaluation returns 1st result only

  • [CAMEL-7145] - Added username, password options on cxf endpoint

  • [CAMEL-7159] - camel-bindy not picking up @Link annotation items

  • [CAMEL-7160] - Throttling has problems with rate changes

  • [CAMEL-7182] - camel-guice - PostConstruct do not throw checked exception

  • [CAMEL-7198] - [cxfrs] Consumer returns 204 response for simple route


  • [CAMEL-7020] - Make camel servlet related components deployable on OSGi with servlet 3.0

  • [CAMEL-7078] - camel-cxf-transport component should propagate SecurityContext

  • [CAMEL-7131] - Set some default feature of DocumentFactoryBuilder

  • [CAMEL-7134] - camel-twitter supports to configure if using SSL or not

  • [CAMEL-7150] - Provides options to setup the parameter on the WebSocketServlet

  • [CAMEL-7181] - Propagate the attachments information when the CXF endpoint is POJO and disable the MTOM


  • [CAMEL-7170] - Upgrade to CXF 2.7.10


  • [CAMEL-6984] - Add support to obtain message body size w/o a separate processor


Apache Camel 是一个非常强大的基于规则的路由以及媒介引擎,该引擎提供了一个基于POJO的 企业应用模式(Enterprise Integration Patterns)的实现,你可以采用其异常强大且十分易用的API (可以说是一种Java的领域定义语言 Domain Specific Language)来配置其路由或者中介的规则。 通过这种领域定义语言,你可以在你的IDE中用简单的Java Code就可以写出一个类型安全并具有一定智能的规则描述文件。这与那种复杂的XML配置相比极大简化了规则定义开发。 当然Apache Camel也提供了一个对Spring 配置文件的支持。

Apache Camel 采用URI来描述各种组件,这样你可以很方便地与各种传输或者消息模块进行交互,其中包含的模块有 HTTP, ActiveMQ, JMS, JBI, SCA, MINA or CXF Bus API。 这些模块是采用可插拔的方式进行工作的。Apache Camel的核心十分小巧你可以很容易地将其集成在各种Java应用中。

Apache Camel 2.11.4 发布

目前Apache Camel作为一个路由以及媒介引擎可以与如下项目集成。
Apache ActiveMQ
Apache CXF
Apache MINA
Apache ServiceMix

Apache Camel 的详细介绍:请点这里
Apache Camel 的下载地址:请点这里


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