TortoiseHG 2.7 发布,Mercurial 客户端


TortoiseHg 是一个跨平台的 Mercurial 分布式版本控制系统的可视化客户端工具。

Bug Fixes

  • update: fix unicode error on confirmation of bookmarks (fixes #2341)
  • repotreemodel: recover from missing <allgroup> element (closes #1075)
  • repotreemodel: remove unsafe processEvents() during loadSubrepos() (fixes #2256)
  • status: respect filter text when the file list is refreshed
  • bookmark, branchop, tag: work around case-insensitive completion of QComboBox
  • qtlib: make sure getCurrentUsername() not fall back to system value
  • purge: move completed() handlers to instance to avoid GC issue (fixes #2386)
  • bisect: ask cmdui.Widget() to create a status bar (fixes #2390)
  • guess: keep similarity as raw value for sorting (fixes #1332)


  • change selection in the commit tool
  • startup performance improvements (closes #940)
  • cleanup menu and title strings
  • blockmatcher: make BlockList clickable
  • commit, revdetails: change splitter style to make it easier to see on Windows
  • cmdui: prettify command-line string for display (closes #1529)
  • fileview, shelve: add 'Display the file anyway' link when files or patches are not shown
  • infobar: convert revision id hashes into links
  • infobar: convert subrepo references and subrepo revision id hashes into links (needs Mercurial 2.5)
  • mergetools: add a kdiff3-noauto merge tool disabling automated merge
  • mergetools: add Windows support for "meld"
  • serve: show balloon when minimizing running server to tray (refs #1845)
  • settings: synchronize and remember the active page of all settings forms


  • Upgraded PyQt to 2.9.6 (from 2.9.1), which includes QScintilla 2.7 (fixes #2340)
  • Upgraded python-keyring to 1.2

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